These movers exceeded my expectations in every aspect - couldn't have asked for better help during my move.
If you want a smooth and efficient move, these are the movers you should hire, believe me!
Angela C.21/03/2024
Moving Companies has earned a loyal customer in me thanks to their exceptional service during my move - I highly recommend them for all your moving needs.
Rita P.11/03/2024
I am grateful for the excellent performance of the organization.
Scott Andrews18/02/2024
The prompt and accurate estimate given by this company for my office relocation to London made all the difference in ensuring a successful move.
Lauren S.08/02/2024
With three (3) successful moves under their belt, Wandsworth Movers has consistently provided excellent service at a reasonable rate.
Thanks to their attention to detail and hard work, we were able to trust them completely with our move, and they delivered exceptional service.
Elizabeth Schubert19/01/2024
My experiences have been terrific across the board - brilliant communication and stellar customer service.
Anna Smith23/11/2023
A thoroughly professional furniture move; the personable and skilful workers performed it wonderfully!
John Moxon20/06/2023
Wandsworth Movers truly hit a home run with their moving services - I will never forget the ease and professionalism they displayed!
Lily H.12/05/2023
The Movers Wandsworth crew applied themselves wholeheartedly and treated our belongings with consideration. Upon reaching our new home, all of our items were situated where they should be with no damage done.
Helen Reddey27/02/2023
The difficult task of moving house was made a whole lot easier due to the service provided by Moving Wandsworth. It was a stressful time, but they were understanding, compassionate, and took care of all the hard work. I'm incredibly grateful for all of their efforts.
William H.20/03/2018
I was looking forward to my move up until I realised how difficult it would be. I didn't think I'd be up to the task so I called in help. WandsworthRemovals assisted me with every aspect of the removal and they made sure it all went successful. The move was a breeze and it was all thanks to this hard working team.
Janice Jones22/03/2016
Renting a van from Wandsworth Movers meant that my house move was easy and simple. I called them up for advice, made my booking and got myself the perfect van for safe transportation. Would recommend!
Kate F.10/02/2016
I was so pleased with the removal service we hired when moving our antiques business. Moving Wandsworth were professional and dealt with the entire workload including the packing, loading and transportation. The workers were helpful and worked nonstop until everything was onboard the truck. There were a lot of expensive pieces which had been around for a long time, but it was all covered up and secured with care. Everything got to our new premises without problems and we were soon open for business before we knew it. Great company to deal with, professional and have good rates!
Beverly Long11/01/2016
I did a lot of research to find companies that could help me move to my new office. Removal Company seemed like a smart choice because of their experience and good customer reviews. I wasn't disappointed in their office removals service, which was really professional, and their movers were skilled and reliable. A very good and helpful service.
I have a really busy dental practice in the high street. I needed to move but I was concerned about moving things like the chair and all the specialist equipment I have. It costs a fortune and I can't afford to replace things! Anyhow, I had seen an ad for Removals saying they were a well-established local business with a wide experience of removals. After getting a very low estimate for the job, I booked them and they were worth every penny. They packed my equipment and instruments very carefully and with the right materials so that everything was transported without damage!
Danny S.08/05/2015
WandsworthRemovals were brilliant from the moment I first got in touch with them. Kudos goes out to their removal team that took charge of my removal needs on moving day. Their line of work is competitive and at times, can be a gruelling endeavour, but they still did a darn sight better that the last company I had the displeasure of dealing with. They were attune to my needs and delivered a quick yet professional service. A problem and stress free service that I will definitely be using again!
David L.17/03/2015
When I was looking to move home I thought I had covered every base. I had arranged a friend to move all my items, but it had turned out that I had actually understated how much effort was need to pack up my things. I needed last minute packing help a few days before the move and it was exactly what WandsworthRemovals gave me. They came into my home and got straight to work, organising my stuff and packing it up safely. It meant when the time came to move I was all ready to go, but only thanks to the team that helped me.
Alan M.16/02/2015
WandsworthRemovals were fantastic at dealing with my recent home removals from start to finish. I had the entire move done by the experts including packing services which helped me tremendously. The moving staff did a fantastic job and took great care with my precious belongings. We were treated amazingly and given a schedule of how the relocation would go. The cost of the move was very reasonable, so if you are moving house definitely give this company a call and get a quote.
Lionel Wells12/11/2014
You will find that hiring a decent removals company can transform your removal form a particularly difficult struggle to a much more pleasant time in whole. I tend to find that larger companies give you less of their time, but with WandsworthRemovals I felt like I was very well looked after indeed! The fact of the matter is that the move went ahead with ease and skill, and the team were very professional in ensuring that we were well looked after.
P. Kelly10/09/2014
You can't really get past your first difficult move in your mind, especially if it ended up costing you a lot. When I moved house ten years ago, we had a problem with the keys being released in time, and the removal company charged me an extra £400 to wait around for an hour whilst we got it sorted. On top of that, my sofa was torn and I never got compensated. Since then, I have looked out for excellent removals companies, and have found one in WandsworthRemovals. They are excellent, from the packing to the unloading stages, and I recommend them highly.
Richard R.27/08/2014
If you are not the type to be fretting over the organization of a removal, then you may well want to have a look at using WandsworthRemovals for the job. They are very good at giving a stress free removal, which is exactly what I was after. They help plan everything, and I basically left it all up to them, even getting them to do the packing! I am very busy, and was extremely pleased that they did not need too much of my help in order to get the job done well. Done well it was, and I will be using this lot again!
Raymond B.07/07/2014
WandsworthRemovals were truly excellent from the very start, and we will absolutely be using them again! Why were they so good, you might enquire? Well, for a start, their prices were excellent. This is always nice, but not enough on its own - after all, some companies are cheap and cheerful, with the emphasis removed from the cheerful. However, this company certainly were cheerful! It's hard to quantify, but it's that certain je ne sais quoi which really adds to the experience every time, and this lot were super nice!
Chris Matthews22/05/2014
In all honesty I never thought I'd care about anything enough to write about it on the internet, but here I am. WandsworthRemovals did our latest removal job, and they absolutely smashed it! Well, the job, not the glassware. They really did ensure that we were well looked after at all times, and made a special effort to have a laugh with us, whilst also getting the job done really well. My flat mate and I were incredibly impressed by the value, as it was well priced all round, and I could not have hoped for a better job in all honesty.
Larry Brady08/05/2014
My move was looming and I was getting stressed, but I got recommended a removal firm by a friend, so I took his advice and called them. From the start to the finish it all went smoothly. The customer services were helpful and arranged everything, and it all went without a hitch. I did take the opportunity of having the packing done as well as the removal and it just went great. Nothing got broke and the team worked nonstop throughout the move. The cost was affordable too. I would certainly suggest you use WandsworthRemovals if you need a reputable moving company.
Andrew Green27/03/2014
With two young kids and both of us in full-time jobs, we decided to push the boat out a bit and hired WandsworthRemovals to pretty-much take care of things for us. My how they did. Two days before the agreed moving day, a team turned up armed with more tape and boxes than I had ever seen in my life and had our house backed up in a matter of hours, which is no mean feat I can tell you. On the day things moved like clockwork, quite literally. These guys really know what they are doing. Polite, careful, efficient, just everything you could want really.
Monica E.17/02/2014
I'm pleased to say that my recent removal with WandsworthRemovals went really really well, all thanks to their incredible removals team! In many ways, I have never had a removal that hasn't been extremely stressful, simply because there is so much that can go wrong! In this case, nothing went awry, and the team were nice to have around. A great job in all, and one that I would hope others would take my advice in getting hold of!
Having a good rapport with the people who are moving your house is extremely important, but sometimes it is hard to find a company that you actually get on with/ Not so with my recent move, as I used WandsworthRemovals and they ensured that I was looked after extremely well by way of the move, but also in terms of jokes and banter. The team were really good lads, and I had a great time working with them on the removal. I hope that they can help out anyone reading this, as they really are a lot of fun, and hard workers too!
V. Gordon06/12/2013
I am not the type to bandy words like ‘excellent' around, but in this case I deem it acceptable. WandsworthRemovals are excellent. The staff were all lovely and very well turned out, which is rare for a removals company I thought. The service was smooth and easy going, which made everything a lot less stressful, and the price was very agreeable. I could not recommend the team more highly, as our move went by without a hitch. Fantastic value for money, and a great work ethic, all in all; Excellent!
N. Milne15/11/2013
I had to move house recently, and used WandsworthRemovals for my removal. They were really good, and nothing was broken. Everything that I needed to get done was sorted out, and they were really nice on the phone. The men who did the work were also very nice, and nothing got broken, which was great. I would recommend them to anyone that was looking for a company to help them move house. They really were worth the price, great value. I hope that my review will mean that more people use them in the future as they deserve it.
H. Waiste04/11/2013
Hopefully everyone reading this will believe me when i say that WandsworthRemovals are amazing! They made sure that our house was all packed up and in ship shape before getting it all loaded up and moved without a hint of hassle, which was a lot easier than we had expected. Everything was unloaded safely and similarly easily, and as we had opted for it as a service, they team even unpacked everything under our direction! It was a dream, and nothing was broken, which was incredible, given that there was so much stuff to move!
Carmen Ensley25/10/2013
My husband is not around anymore, so I was certainly a little concerned about the idea of moving in to my new place without his help. I'm not exactly a weight lifter, and even found the packing a bit of a back breaker! I found WandsworthRemovals and they handled everything, from the logistics to the packing that I still had to do. They were very nice people, and I trusted them to do a great job, which they certainly did. I would say that anyone who is a little unsure of how their move is going to go, should look at hiring these removal experts.
Miranda S.15/10/2013

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